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LJ for the Doctor Who fansite 'The Medusa Cascade'

dwmedusacascade is the official LiveJournal for all the behind the scenes workings of the Doctor Who fansite 'The Medusa Cascade'. Staff members, fans looking to see what's going to be added to the site and those willing to help/make suggestions are welcome to join. Only members of the staff, however, will be able to post entries to the community - all of which will be members only.

The main reason for the creation of this community was to keep everything all in one place so that it would be easy to find for those working on/willing to help with the site. If you are looking to contact any of the staff members, please go to the site's contact page. Do not try to get in touch with any of them via LiveJournal unless they openly post about things pertaining to the site in other communities and/or their own LiveJournals. Thank you!

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